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Wywiad z Rutiną dla PopWrap
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Wysłany: 15-08-2009, 09:44   Wywiad z Rutiną dla PopWrap

PopWrap spoke with Rutina Wesley about what the rest of True Blood’s Season 2 has in store for Tara.

essence_black_women2PopWrap: First off, that hunter’s souffle last week was horrifying!
Rutina Wesley: Oh man, when I read that, I was like, what is she going to do with that knife! It was so gross cutting into it and I can’t tell you how many texts I got, being like, “Oh god, what was that?”

PW: Did it taste as bad as it looked?
Rutina: No, it didn’t taste nearly as bad. It was a lot of vegetables and tomatoes and beef — no chicken, Mechad [Brooks] didn’t want it to be too heavy on our stomachs because we didn’t know how many takes we’d have to do devouring it.

PW: Well, you mentioning Mechad and stomach in the same sentence opens the door for me to ask if in person he has a six-, eight- or 12-pack.
Rutina: [laughs] You know, we’ve been counting and I think his abs are endless. Obviously we keep it professional, but they made a good choice. The producers weren’t kidding when they told me they’d found Tara a hot man!

PW: Every episode seems to improve, ratings-wise. Why do you think that is?
Rutina: People have latched on to the show in a very amazing way and I think it’s because this season, the story grabs you right away. If you blink, you’re going to miss a lot. Plus, we all have our own storylines this year and it’s much more interesting when you’ve got, like, 25 character floating around. Plus, Anna [Paquin], Ryan [Kwanten], Stephen [Moyer] and I are so into our roles now, we found our beat with these people, so we’re a lot more comfortable.

PW: That’s an ironic statement since you’ve spent a lot of the season in extremely uncomfortable situations — like mass orgies…
Rutina: Let me just tell you, that was the weirdest experience for all of us. It was like, WTF?

PW: And it’s not like any of you had been a part of those kinds of scenes before.
Rutina: I don’t think anyone had. We were all like, “What do you want us to do right now, at 5 a.m.!”

PW: With black contacts in.
Rutina: Right, and none of us could see! It was hilarious

PW: How bad are the contacts?
Rutina: For some people it’s real bad — like if you already have a prescription, you can’t see anything. The first time I wore them was terrible, but after the second or third time, I got used to it. I can see just fine now.

PW: Does not being able to see make those group scenes easier to get through?
Rutina: It definitely helped that we were already in the dark, we needed that shadow over us because we were all way nervous the first time.

PW: Was there like a big group speech beforehand, like, let’s do this wild orgy in a tasteful way?
Rutina: Yeah, we had a big talk about respecting each other because there were about 50 naked people on the set. It’s a very vulnerable situation, so there was no other option than for us to come together. Granted it was freezing when we shot those scenes, because it was like 4 a.m., which made it harder because there’s no shivering in Louisiana!

PW: Tara’s arc this season has been fascinating to watch. How has it been to play?
Rutina: I loved going from one extreme to the other and it’s great to have an African-American character not just be the angry black woman. Tara is human and I think by the end of season one, the audience really understood why. Now, it’s nice for Tara to have a mother figure for the first time in Maryann. And although the audience is screaming, “run for the hills,” it’s nice for her to feel accepted.

PW: It seems like Tara gets a little violent with her real mother on Sunday’s episode.
Rutina: Oh yeah, it’s going to get more chaotic. We’re blowing out the doors!

PW: Do you think Lettie Mae deserves it?
Rutina: You know, I’m not sure. I think everything Tara’s done under one of Maryann’s spells is something she’s always secretly wanted to do. But I don’t know that it was a good way to solve the situation with her mother because their relationship has been nothing but abusive. Is Lettie Mae deserving of it? Sure. But will it solve the problem? I don’t think so.

PW: Tara has been the one in Bon Temps starting to put pieces together between the orgies and the blackouts and Maryann. Will she continue to do that?
Rutina: Yes and no. Tara is going to get taken in by the whole situation and lose a bit of control. Maryann is very strong right now and while a lot of us will try to get to the bottom of the problem, Maryann is standing in our way. She’s a huge power and once you’re under her spell, it’s hard to break it. We’ll see an intervention and a lot of other ways we try to save Bon Temps from Maryann.

PW: So anyone who thought they’d seen the peak of Maryann’s chaos is dead wrong?
Rutina: Oh, you’ve only seen the beginning. It’s going to get so much more chaotic. The end of this season is amazing: it’s fire, it’s sad, it’s got so much jam-packed in there — you guys won’t know what hit you!

PW: And does it start with Sunday’s episode?
Rutina: Yes, that’s when it all starts to go bad. It gets violent, it gets insane. I mean, you saw Tara slapping her mother, which should tell you how far it goes! I mean, there are no limits for Maryann! She keeps going and going and going — we’re all under her spell. That leads into episode 10, which is the one I really can’t wait to see! Things get really intense for Tara!

PW: Looking ahead to season three, independent of how this year ends, what would you like to see for Tara?
Rutina: I always want less drama in her life — but this is “True Blood,” so it’s always going to hurt, but it’ll hurt so good [laughs]. I don’t think she’s ever going to be drama-free, especially seeing how things go for her toward the end of this season! There’s no way the drama won’t follow her into next year.

PW: Should I take that to mean there is another season ending cliffhanger?
Rutina: It definitely does!

PW: Bigger than season one’s?
Rutina: Oh yeah….yeah, yeah, yeah, yep — big time. Uh-huh…
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